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The Best Health Spa Resorts

For a Pre-Wedding Wellness Break

The best health spa resorts around the world to de-stress and take a serene walk up the aisle

by Flavia Arditi

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With most people finding wedding planning stressful, it’s no surprise that engaged couples are increasingly booking into some of the best spa resorts around, whether as a couple or with friends.

Making it to the big day looking flawlessly and effortlessly gorgeous requires commitment and dedication. It’s a journey that begins after the engagement and which, especially for brides, culminates on the big day. And we’re not only talking about looks. Mental health and psychological wellbeing, in fact, are far more important – there’s nothing more special than two happy and carefree spouses deeply in love.

That’s why we have rounded up the 10 best health spa resorts in the world, perfect for a little pampering ahead of the big day. Enjoying the run-up to the wedding is key – a bridal spa is the perfect way to feel rested and exude radiance as you walk down the aisle.

Cover Picture by Sha Wellness Clinic


Palace Merano

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Surrounded by lush vegetation and exuding complete relaxation, Palace Merano is the perfect place to slow down and embark on a physical and mental wellbeing journey. The Spa specializes in the Revital-Detox for Longevity Method, which combines the most advanced techniques of Western medicine with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This wellness haven offers a range of treatments that target a variety of needs. Each of the spa’s health programs aims to prevent illness and keep the body healthy, combining nutrition, fitness, beauty, medicine and aesthetic medicine, ensuring optimal results.

Lefay Resorts

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With two wonderful spa resorts, Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda and the recently opened Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti, the Lefay group is one of Italy’s most acclaimed wellness brands. Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine and advanced techniques of Western medicine, the personalized wellness programs are tailored to each individual and perfectly balance mental and physical health, with activities designed to help guests achieve their fitness goals. The spas, spread out over 3800sqm on Lake Garda and 5000sqm in the Dolomites, are designed to nourish the mind and body, resulting in optimal healing and regeneration.


Clinique La Praire

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Overlooking the shores of Lake Geneva, this temple of wellness occupying an area of 1600sqm was established in 1931 by Professor Paul Niehans. Awarded ‘Best Spa in the World’, La Prairie is a unique medical clinic based on dedicated research, the use of the latest medical technology, and highly knowledgeable medical staff. The clinic is renowned internationally for its one-week Revitalization program that stimulates cell regeneration, fights the signs of aging, and improves overall mental and physical health by following a four-pillar approach: medical screening, nutrition, general wellbeing and physical activity.



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Founded in 1984, Lanserhof is one of Europe’s leading wellness resorts that takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, combining cutting-edge science with natural healing. Exuding a unique, family atmosphere, the clinic aims to treat both the body and mind, with the aim of living a longer, more active life. Developed over the course of three decades and evolving daily, this approach is based on the findings of naturopathy, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine and modern cutting-edge medicine, which all come together in perfect symbiosis.


Villa Stéphanie

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Located in the heart of the picturesque city of Baden-Baden on the western edge of the Northern Black Forest, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is a veritable oasis of beauty immersed in a lush park. Tradition and elegance seamlessly combine in this legendary hotel offering exclusive wellness experiences. Spread out over 5000sqm, the spa offers personalized fitness, nutrition medicine and aesthetic medicine programs, with a particular focus on Digital Detox to recharge and regenerate.


Sha Wellness Clinic

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This Spanish health resort focuses on dietary re-education to improve the health of guests, with medical innovation, natural therapies and natural nutrition lying at the heart of its programs. Located in the Sierra Helada Natural Park in the heart of the Mediterranean, the resort is a sanctuary where guests can balance body, mind and spirit. Based on the Sha Method, the resort integrates eight holistic disciplines to help guests achieve their goals and fully develop their potential. Nature and design blend seamlessly, with large spaces perfect for relaxing and disconnecting from the world.


The LifeCo

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The perfect location to heal the soul, detoxify and escape from stress, the LifeCo in Bodrum, Turkey, guides guests through personalized programs to regenerate mind and body. Finding balance is key, whether that be by reconnecting with emotions and recovering lost energy through meditation, yoga or long walks in nature. The experience aims to achieve peace of mind with a wellness journey that starts from within. With the aim of creating a holistic change and with the expert guidance of experienced staff, the programs equip guests with the right mindset to cope with day-to-day life.



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A veritable paradise on earth, Chiva-Som is a timeless sanctuary of wellbeing exuding life and energy. Lives are transformed here, and enrichment thrives. Located in the picturesque beach resort of Hua Hin overlooking the Gulf of Siam, the retreat is a pioneer in lifestyle change, aimed at improving wellness of both mind and body. Programs are based on six wellness pillars: Spa, Holistic Health, Fitness, Physiotherapy, Beauty and Nutrition, with personalized courses based on individual needs. Immersed in lush nature, this one-of-a-kind resort was awarded Best Destination Spa in the World at the Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2020.


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Overlooking Thailand’s crystal-clear waters, Amatara Wellness Resort on the southern tip of Phuket offers treatments and activities that naturally enrich the body, mind and spirit, instilling a true desire for wellness so that guests can continue their wellness journey back at home. The resort offers a range of bespoke programs that combine physiotherapy, holistic wellness, beauty, yoga, fitness and nutrition. The resort guarantees relaxation in a tropical paradise where guests can regenerate and rebalance the energy of body and mind.


Hananda in the Himalaya

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Nestled in lush forests at the foot of the Himalayas close to the fabled cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, Ananda is a spiritual haven designed to regenerate the body, mind and spirit. With its surreal landscapes, the resort guides guests to lead a sustainable lifestyle based on the power of the ancient Indian sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedānta, combining these with advanced techniques of Western medicine. Programs are designed to eliminate stress, detoxify, invigorate and heal emotions, with treatments and activities entirely customized to address the needs of each individual.