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One of the most emotional events of your life together, a marriage proposal is a decisive and symbolic step, and your engagement ring the symbol of your commitment to one another.

Far from being just a piece of jewelry, rings have a long and deep history that goes back millennia, with solitaire engagement rings classic, timeless choices since the 1940s. Since the middle of the 20th century, the slogan ‘diamonds are forever’ persuaded women – and men – around the world to choose diamonds to symbolize their engagement.

Far from easy, choosing an engagement ring can seem an impossible task for most grooms-to-be. With a wide range of brands and models to choose from, it is a daunting experience. These days, you don’t have to go for diamonds; you can choose from a wonderful range of precious stones including emeralds, rubies, aquamarines and sapphires, each of which has its own symbolic meaning.

It’s really important to get to know the best classic jewelry brands and the most beautiful models out there, so that you can make sure this most obvious symbol of declared love becomes the emblem of the dream of a lifetime.

De Beers

As unique as those who give them, De Beers diamonds have been an institution since the 1800s. Diamonds became fashionable thanks to South African jewelry company De Beers, who in the post-war years persuaded many Hollywood celebrities to wear diamonds as a symbol of eternal love. With De Beers’ unique timeless elegance and simplicity, you won’t go wrong, no matter which model you choose.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany introduced engagement rings as we know them in 1886, with its iconic Tiffany® Setting, a brilliant cut diamond with a six-prong setting that raises the stone to play splendidly with the light. There is nothing more iconic than a Tiffany engagement ring, celebrating love in all its forms. Alongside classic models and frames, the Maison combines modern designs with pavé settings and frames, all made with exquisite craftsmanship following the exceptionally high standards the brand is known for.

Van Cleef & Arpels

With a long history, French Maison Van Cleef & Arpels creates unique, recognizable styles, with engagement rings that reflect its high jewelry savoir-faire. Its creations have a strong character, with the perfect combination of precious metals and exclusive gemstones that spark unique emotions and make the heart skip a beat. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are selected by expert gemologists to adorn the most creative ring mountings, giving life to a stunning selection of rings.


Enhancing the natural splendor of stones by minimizing metal is the distinctive feature of this French Maison that has always aspired for absolute perfection. Stones, in particular diamonds, guide each and every creation, determining the ring setting – and not vice versa. With a range of engagement ring collections, and in line with jewelry tradition, the brand offers Mon diamant par Cartier, an exclusive service to guide you in creating a personalized solitaire engagement ring.


Founded in Rome at the end of the 19th century, the brand has always been considered an emblem of Italian excellence, not least when it comes to its magnificent jewelry collections. Its unmistakable creations combine style, character and savoir-faire. Made using the finest diamonds in the world, the engagement rings are true design masterpieces, each utterly unique.


Swiss luxury watchmaker and high jewelry brand, Chopard creates rings that are a symbol of endless love and lifelong joy. Set with one or several diamonds of various shapes and sizes, Chopard’s dazzling creations are a tribute to the Maison’s exceptional expertise. The diamonds found in the collections or bespoke creations are of the highest quality, highlighted by classic or audacious settings – a veritable ode to love.


Exuding Italian artisan mastery and creativity, Damiani was created by an Italian family with a deep-rooted tradition and passion for the art of jewelry making. For three generations, the brand has pursued an elegant and sophisticated style, modern and always current, reflected in its range of engagement rings. Perfection, cut, color and brilliance – each Diamani solitaire captures individual desires with pure, dazzling luminosity. A Damiani diamond is a diamond for life.

Mark Broumand

Specializing in diamond engagement rings, Mark Broumand is a veritable institution, achieving perfection with every piece of jewelry. Created in Los Angeles by master jewelers with over 300 years of experience in stone processing, the rings are pieces to be loved forever. Whatever cut and style, Mark Broumand exceeds expectations with unique pieces that cannot be found elsewhere, offering a totally personalized experience. The website showcases a wide selection of rings in a range of settings and styles, with relative prices.

Lorraine Schwartz

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Lorraine Schwartz is an American bespoke high jewelry designer best known for designing one-of-a-kind pieces of inestimable value for celebrities such as Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. If you’re looking for a ring with style and character, set with unique stones and made by one of the world’s most sought-after brands, then this is the brand for you. Your every wish will come true.


Harry Winston

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Founded in 1932 by Harry Winston, this New York high jewelry and watch brand stands out for the impeccable quality of its creations. Known throughout his life as the ‘King of diamonds’, Winston made history with his innovative designs where stones were always the driving force behind any jewel. Available in the Bridal Couture capsule collection, the brand’s engagement rings are made exclusively with rare diamonds selected from the top color and clarity grades to create rings that shine with maximum brilliance.


This historic Russian jewelry house with a century-old history, Fabergé is renowned for its ‘eggs’, true masterpieces of high jewelry created for the court of the Russian Tsar that have become the symbol of the brand. Wonderful and mesmerizing colored gemstones replace classic diamonds in Fabergé’s engagement ring collection. The rings conceal a matching gemstone on the inside of each fluted band, lying in direct contact with the skin, to symbolize an unbroken bond between partners.


A London institution since the 1960s, Graff has represented the rarest gems for over half a century. The founder’s boundless passion for diamonds has made the jewelry house a synonym of perfection. Each engagement ring is inspired by the beauty of the gemstones that the House has worked with over the years, with pieces created to express uniqueness and ardent passion, in line with the brand’s values. Graff offers contemporary designs for men and women who share the jeweler’s passion for sensational diamonds.


Six generations of jewelers of Armenian and Lebanese descent are driven by their rich heritage, audacious designs and extremely innovative craftsmanship. Each Boghossian jewel is the result of an astonishing combination of colors and unexpected shades, always soft and supple. The result is a range of utterly unique creations that fuse East and West without following trends, seeking absolute perfection in every single detail.


Despite being a relatively new name in the world of high fashion, this Maison’s passion and expertise have led it to become the epitome of luxury, targeting a highly select and exclusive clientele who seeks the very best. Designed and made in its New York atelier, each engagement ring takes shape starting from the stone, giving life to a unique and irreproducible style that enhances the natural beauty of each creation.

Martin Katz

Inspired by the founder’s love for vintage jewelry, Martin Katz jewels are contemporary, unique pieces with a retro soul. Precious gemstones with irreverent shapes and vivid hues appeal to women who are confident and not afraid to be daring with unpredictable creations. With its engagement ring collection, Katz stands out for its ability to enhance the beauty of the central stone with exceptional craftsmanship.


Founded in Milan in the early 1900s, this Italian Maison creates perfect Italy-inspired jewels with beautiful rare stones, using techniques that are rarely used today. Buccellatti stands out for its refined, discreet and elegant approach, and for its design aesthetic that has allowed it to acquire an unmistakable style. Each engagement ring is the beginning of a story. Its Romanza collection is inspired by the dreams of love of women who have lived in the pages of unforgettable literary masterpieces.