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Seasonal Palettes

Choosing the right colors for a fairytale wedding

Ideas and advice to create that wow factor through seasonal palettes and an unforgettable atmosphere

by Flavia Arditi

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Choosing the right colors for your wedding is an important step in your planning process. A carefully chosen color palette is vital, as once you’ve decided on your colors, the other details – decor, wedding party attire, lights, photos, and even your choice of music – will fall into place to create the overall look and atmosphere of the event.

It’s always a good idea to embrace seasonal color palettes, matching your wedding colors with your wedding season. Themed weddings aside, by following this simple rule you will be able to obtain that wow factor you will never tire of, even in years to come when you leaf through your wedding album and re-live the emotions of your special day. Here are our top tips on using seasonal palettes to create a fairytale wedding. Enjoy!


With its changing foliage, fall brings with it an array of hues that you can make the most of at your wedding, with neutral tones, warm yellows, oranges, deep reds and shades of brown – earthy, fiery colors that echo the soft light of fall and recall the scent of wood, roasted chestnuts and crisp fall air. Those colors that make you want to cozy up by the fireplace under a warm and soft blanket. With a fall wedding, you have a wealth of possibilities when it comes to color palettes – nothing says timeless elegance quite like it. Fall gives you the chance to play with unusual color combinations that are sure to surprise your guests and create an unforgettable celebration.


If you’ve always dreamed of a winter wedding, we can’t blame you – there’s something exceptionally romantic and wonderfully atmospheric about snowy landscapes. The color palette for your ceremony will very much depend on your chosen location, with three extremely varied albeit equally impactful options. Warm color palettes recall the warm and cozy interiors of wooden chalets in winter, with their crackling fireplaces and tartan fabrics. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of reds, dark greens and browns. Should you wish to create a more surreal atmosphere, then a cold color palette is best, with whites, icy blues, purples and – why not? – touches of silver. For a full-on winter wonderland effect, a mixed palette is the perfect solution. If you’re dreaming of the snowy landscape of a winter wonderland, white will take center stage along with soft pinks and pastel hues. You could also use touches of gold to add a little sparkle.


It goes without saying that spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Color combinations are virtually endless. A palette of pastel colors is fabulous for spring, with myriad combinations that echo nature, with shades of white and scores of pinks – nude pink, dusty pink, peach, salmon, light pink, baby pink and antique pink. Pale oranges, pastel yellows, periwinkle, wisteria and lilac are also wonderful, as are light blues, dusty blues, denim and navy, along with scores of shades of green – more than you could ever imagine. The current details and decor of your venue will also influence your choice and will play a role in determining your color palettes.


With its much-awaited sun, beaches, freedom, starry nights and high temperatures, summer allows you to play with a wealth of pastel colors – with blues and evergreen you can’t go wrong. There are, however, some wedding destinations that require specific color schemes. Should you opt for an exotic wedding location, then you’ll have to carefully pick the shades of your wedding decorations, including in winter, using vivid bright hues to echo the lush, verdant vegetation that characterizes Caribbean destinations. Bring out the surroundings using hot pinks, mustard yellows, emerald greens, cerulean blues and perhaps even orange. These mood-boosting, bright and bold palettes put a smile on everyone’s face (a dream location helps, too). Finally, for truly unusual settings such as desert weddings in Morocco, the Canyons in Arizona, the steppes, the savannah, or even simply a wheat field, there is only one option – neutral. Touches of burgundy, clay red, or salmon work well, but only for the smallest details.

With all this in mind, as we always say, a top wedding planner is key!