THE WEDDING CLUB® is an exclusive club for unforgettable events and weddings reflecting Italian elegance and flair, and a leading lifestyle brand in the wedding industry.


Offering contemporary and creative wedding design seamlessly melded with tradition, THE WEDDING CLUB® is synonymous with Italian elegance and lifestyle.


At THE WEDDING CLUB®, we listen to couples and bring their vision to life by offering a truly immersive experience where every detail is creatively and uniquely composed.


THE WEDDING CLUB® strives to meet clients’ highest expectations, thanks to an approach that is based on honesty, trust, professionalism, competence, continuous evaluation, innovation and teamwork.


THE WEDDING CLUB® is the planner of choice for organizing weddings and luxury events. Thanks to the strong skill sets and the extensive experience of the three founders, we are able to guide clients through every step of the creative planning process, from concept to delivery, working with an exclusive contact base to create a truly unique experience.

The Wedding Club - Flavia Arditi


Dynamic, outgoing, and with a sunny disposition, Flavia is a romantic and a dreamer, with fashion in her blood and a soft spot for all things luxury. She is a workaholic, pragmatic and meticulous both in her work and personal life. She takes on challenges with her head held high, ready to step outside of her comfort zone. Following a significant stint in digital publishing, she brings her storytelling skills to life thanks to THE WEDDING CLUB ®.

The Wedding Club - Giorgia Torsello


Refined, elegant and always stylishly dressed thanks to her effortlessly sophisticated wardrobe, Giorgia is a creative force who seeks beauty in everything. Charismatic, confident and provocative, she is also empathetic and caring. Born and bred in Milan, Giorgia is a feminist and outspoken animal rights activist, with years of experience in the fashion industry and a predilection for art in all its forms. Through THE WEDDING CLUB® events, she passionately expresses her love for art.

The Wedding Club - Silvia Bortolotto


Demanding to the point of never accepting no for an answer, Silvia likes to be in control and is always on the go. A young entrepreneur who spends her time between Milan and Monaco, she always wears white – except at weddings. Loyal, trustworthy and strong-willed, she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, going that extra mile for the people she cares about most. PR expert and luxury event planner, Silvia specializes in creating weddings, bringing her dream to life at THE WEDDING CLUB ®.