The Wedding Club’s
Olfactory Identity features oriental,
woody and spicy scents

The Club’s Olfactory Identity is a romantic journey for the senses, conjuring up the most exotic corners of the Middle East. Three scents – oriental, woody and spicy – reflect the personalities of the three women behind The Wedding Club. An extrovert dreamer, Flavia feels that spices fuel stimulating challenges. An incurable aesthete, Giorgia finds the purest expression of beauty in woody scents. Silvia, who is steadfast and demanding, believes that amber best reflects her character and sense of reliability.

What would a wedding be without flowers? A velvety rose from Saudi Arabia marries with amber notes, producing a sumptuous oriental accord, while spicy notes of pepper and ginger add a touch of warmth and magic. Finally, wood is a symbol of wealth and elegance, enveloping the senses with a heavy dose of sophistication.

Our Collaboration with

The Wedding Club was set up to make dreams come true. TWC creates events that reflect clients’ needs and requirements, with dreamy venues where visions become reality. Did you know that after six months your brain retains a smell much more easily than an image? Only a scent is able to transform visions into powerful emotions, firmly instilling them in the mind. This is why we were determined to add an olfactory identity to the TWC brand. To oversee the development of our olfactory identity, we chose Integra Fragrances, a company that shares our brand values.

The Wedding Club - Partnership 2

Integra Fragrances

Integra Fragrances creates customized scent identities for the world’s most glamorous brands located in 48 countries worldwide, using innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. Since 2006, the company has created scent branding for international luxury companies in design and hospitality, as well as for banks, airlines and private yachts. Bulgari, Fendi, Ferragamo, MaxMara, Intesa Sanpaolo and Emirates are just some of the luxury brands around the world for whom Integra Fragrances has crafted scent identities, giving life to unique experiences.

The Wedding Club - Partnership 3

IF: eccellenza italiana

Integra Fragrances marries technology, Italian creativity and excellence. Each creation has its own scent identity, telling a unique story. The company designs exclusive signature scents that reflect a given brand’s concept and philosophy, giving life to scents that speak the language of emotions. Integra Fragrances has created a signature scent for The Wedding Club that reflects TWC Bond’s core values and identity.

Handle with care: TWC BOND is highly addictive and hard to forget.

The Wedding Club - Partnership 4