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The options for bridal hairstyles are endless. Elegant chignons, classic and messy knotted styles, pretty ponytails, braids with floral arrangements, lush locks, gentle curls – to name a few. 

When the big day approaches, it’s key to meet with your hairstylist for a trial. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your special day, and it’s wise to give your stylist ample time to nail your preferred hairstyle.

Your hairstyle should match the overall wedding atmosphere and venue setting, as well as the dress itself – whether you’re using a V-neck gown, a veil or accessories, choose a style that fits and frames your face shape, making you feel beautiful and confident. You want to be the very best version of yourself on your wedding day. Avoid a hairstyle that is excessively intricate or invasive, and don’t go for anything too fashionable – it may seem like a good idea now but in a few years’ time, as you leaf through your wedding album, you may realize you had made a massive faux pas.

To help you narrow down your hairstyle of choice, we have rounded up our favorite bridal hairstyles, which can be accessorized with jewels, ribbons or floral arrangements – perfect for that sophisticated, timeless dream look for a fairytale wedding.

As you consider which hairstyle to choose for your special day, don’t forget to heed our advice. Weddings are not a time to be bold and daring – and they’re certainly not a time to go all out and have a completely new style. Avoid any color changes too, as well as any drastic haircuts or fringes – best keep those for later in married life.

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Low Chignon

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A real classic that is both formal and sophisticated, a low chignon exudes a minimalist vibe, and is the perfect match for sober veils and gowns, and intricately detailed embroidered dresses. It’s the perfect choice for virtually all weddings as it beautifully frames the bride’s face. Avoid if you have prominent ears!

Ballerina Bun

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It may well mainly feature in rehearsal rooms and on theatre stages, yet the Ballerina Bun is a very elegant wedding hairstyle perfect for women with a thin neck and an oval, symmetrical face with pronounced cheekbones. A great hairstyle for showing off glitzy necklaces and earrings.

Messy Bun

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Equally feminine, but decidedly more casual and deliberately messier than the classic chignon, a messy bun is a favorite among young women. The perfect choice if you’re planning a wedding in a wind-swept location.

French Twist

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Halfway between a chignon and a messy updo, the French Twist first appeared in the 1950s and, since then, has become synonymous with tradition and sophistication. With this iconic hairstyle, the hair is gathered and twisted, turning in on itself on the head, and secured with hairpins, hair sticks or combs.

Low bun

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A low bun is a little messy and is the perfect choice for brides-to-be with an irresistibly romantic soul. For that fairytale look, create a wavy effect and braid your hair with your favorite blooms or jeweled combs. Perfect for all hair lengths.


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Relaxed, delicate and feminine, a half-up, half-down style allows you to show and enhance your face, with the freedom of wearing your hair down and showing your cascading curls. You can add accessories, braids, a veil and fresh flowers, perhaps to match your bouquet.

French Braid

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Among the many types of braids, a French Braid is a popular choice among bohemian brides-to-be. A Side French Braid is a great choice – it starts on one side of the head and weaves around to the other side. Boho brides can dress down a French Braid with a Messy French Braid and adorn it with ribbons and wildflowers. A relaxed and effortless choice perfect for an informal celebration, whether a beach or countryside wedding.

Crown Braids

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Intentionally imperfect, a crown braid exudes a sense of sweet sophistication and childlike innocence. It’s perfect for younger brides who are considering a dreamy bucolic setting for their special day.

Smooth Waves & Loose Curls

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Brides with long and thick, healthy and voluminous hair may well prefer to wear their hair down with soft waves. Best avoided, though, if your gown is heavily embroidered with beads or sequins as they can easily get caught in your gorgeous long locks. For obvious reasons, also best avoided in hot places with high humidity.

Old Hollywood

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This sensual hairstyle is inspired by retro Hollywood waves. Hair extensions help the hair support volume, enhancing side partings and perfectly sculpted waves. The perfect choice for women who want to feel sexy even on their wedding day.

Natural Cascading Curls

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Women with natural voluminous curls can embrace their beautiful locks on their big day. Shiny, bouncy locks full of volume can be held in place with anti-frizz styling products, and hair can be accessorized with a glittering tiara or a half flower crown.


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Whether high or low, or with a slicked-back front and plenty of volume at the back, ponytails come in all shapes and sizes, from sporty updos to styles that require very little maintenance. You can tie your ponytail with a brooch, ribbon, silk bow or even with your own hair.

Short & Glam

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Cheeky bobs, pixie or glam-rock cuts. Brides with a short cut shouldn’t feel the need for hair extensions to have a show-stopping hairstyle (results are often poor). Rock your short hair look and style it up with make-up and accessories such as hairbands and fascinators to enhance femininity and romance.