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Increasingly popular and fun, a themed wedding tell a unique and original story of the happy couple, shedding light on their personalities, tastes, interests and wishes.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, the wedding style will set the tone for the entire event, driving every aesthetic decision from that point onwards, including the choice of venue, the style of invitations, outfit, decor, place cards, wedding cake design, table names and wedding favors.

We have rounded up some sophisticated themes, timeless classics and original ideas to suit all tastes. We’ve used sub-themes to help you pick the one that best matches your style.

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Homey, natural and dreamy, this wedding theme has seen a real revival in the past few years. It embraces nature’s goods with simple woodland decor – string lights, twine, mason jars, and vintage tin cans with freshly picked garden flowers on raw wood tables all contribute to the theme’s stripped back feel. Chic and intimate barns, farmhouses, gardens and beaches are perfect venues to host a rustic themed wedding.



The environment takes center stage, with invitations sent by e-mail only, biodegradable materials, cutting down on energy usage, and dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients.


A boho wedding has nomadic gipsy vibes and vintage touches, with ethnic details such as oriental rugs, outdoor loungers, tepees, dream catchers, hanging macramé decorations, flower crowns, natural hairstyles, simple outfits and neutral hues.


Add touches of southern charm to your country wedding, with cowboy boots, hay bales, horses and barbeques in a ranch venue, complete with Johnny Cash tunes playing in the background.


A rustic and sophisticated alternative, this theme features palettes of soft pastel hues, perfect for a picnic-style wedding among crops and vineyards. For a gorgeous bridal bouquet, combine aromatic lavender and scented wildflowers.


Whether you live in a coastal location or are planning a destination wedding, this is a great choice for couples who are in love with the sea. A beach theme is perfect for a seaside ceremony, whether aboard a yacht, on a beach or at a venue overlooking the blue waters of the Caribbean or the Med. A light and airy choice featuring tones of blue, this theme exudes carefree vacation vibes, with beach-style decorations made with sand, rope, corals and shells, beautifully complemented by fresh fish- and seafood-based dishes.



Summer sun and a gorgeous beach locale – preferably secluded and private – are key to pulling off a great beach wedding, complete with a barefoot beach ceremony to the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore.


For an authentic tropical-style wedding, incorporate bright and bold hues such as emerald green, fuchsia and orange. You’ll also need lush vegetation like palm trees and exotic flowers to suit the carefree vibes of an outdoor celebration.


Navy blue, white and stripes take center stage, paired with beach-style motifs like anchors, life vests and miniature sailboat place cards. Waiting staff should wear blue and white sailor outfits.


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Romantic, magical and a little extravagant, fairytale weddings draw inspiration from a storybook or fairytale themes. They’re perfect for dreamy couples who want their fairytale to come to life. To create that dreamy look, choose sparkly dresses, lush flower walls, pastel hues, metallic colors, soft lights, sumptuous fabrics, crystal chandeliers (or a starry sky), and other fanciful motifs to inspire childlike wonder.



This is a hugely popular choice for snowy winter weddings. To create a unique ‘cold’ look, choose blue lights, mirrored floors and ice sculptures. Snow canons and figure skating performances are sure to entertain and impress guests.

Alice in Wonderland

The perfect setting for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding is a manicured garden with a maze of sculpted hedges. You can let your imagination run wild, with alarm clocks, teacups, tea pots, books, keys, mirrors, mismatched chairs, playing cards used as table plans, and grass table runners. Instead of a bridal bouquet, you could have a white rabbit!

Enchanted Forest

This magical, dreamlike theme is a great choice for garden or woodland receptions taking place after sunset. With thousands of twinkling fairy lights and the sounds of nature and harp music rising through the trees, this ethereal setting conjures images of an enchanted forest fairy kingdom.


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For vintage souls who love art, history and literature, a historically themed wedding offers plenty of scope. Draw inspiration from historical periods, characters and past trends that have made history, making sure your theme is instantly recognizable by guests. Don’t forget you need coherence – your venue and décor should both match the theme you’ve chosen.


Art Deco

An Art Deco wedding means letting the good times roll with a roaring (Great Gatsby-style) ’20s theme, with golden geometric motifs, sparkling outfits, rivers of champagne, feathers and live jazz music. Minimalist color palettes strike the right chord – think whites, golds, dusty pinks and blacks. This theme oozes pure glitz and glam.

Ancient Greece

If you love classical myths and heroes and are planning on getting married in a scenic spot overlooking the sea, this is the theme for you. You could have laurel wreaths for guests, large centerpieces filled with fruit, and plenty of drapery and gold details.


You’ll want to host your wedding in a candlelit castle, with heavy somber décor and details (think silver wine goblets) and medieval costumes. You could consider hiring acrobats and minstrels to entertain guests and enhance the medieval-like atmosphere.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was a somewhat controversial character who defined the aesthetics of an era. This theme is relatively easy to replicate – choose pastel colors, macaroons, voluminous hairstyles, flower and feather headpieces, and French table games to make you feel you’re at the court of Versailles. Opt for a stunning venue that recalls France’s most sumptuous palace, even if only very slightly.